I've packaged it as a double-clickable jarfile, so you can just download it and run, no installation necessary. The controls are just click-and-drag. Feed the fly to the spider to win- remember that there is momentum, gravity, and stored energy. All levels have solutions, even level 8. If anyone has comments, please tweet to me! I'd love to hear what you think!

Source on BitBucket here
Or, if you prefer, a zip
If anyone uses this, please link back to me. If you do anything cool with it, tweet to me!


Recently, the idea of playing about with meshes of springs in a simple particle physics setup caught my attention again. For anyone unfamiliar with the concept, you make a grid of particles, each of which is then connected to the adjacent four particles. This simple setup can generate suprisingly complicated effects: for example, the introduction of any small force to one particle or edge of the grid can cause ripples or waves to form. I've written a game which takes advantage of this emergent complexity to make the player fulfill challenges. Screenshots below:


I've implemented it in Java on desktop, with the intent to port to Android, to take advantage of the ability to 'slice' threads by dragging a finger across the screen. I've written a small particle physics engine myself, and did not use any nonstandard libraries. I've published the source code, and it is available for free download (see above). If anyone wants to tinker with it, it is fairly organized. I'll revisit this at some point, if only to port it to Android.