Right Here!


We have all been there, at that fateful moment at the end of the dungeon when you have no inventory space. We have all looked at all the loot, and carefully compared its stats, and made the decision which sword or axe we liked more. We have all sorrowfully walked away from the pile of swords which weren't quite good enough. I decided to distill this core mechanic into a browser game, so that you can experience the futility and arbitrary differences on the go. It has stats to compare against your friends, it has a colorscheme, and it has a rare item which often turns out to be worse than everything else. It has art by a good friend of mine, and a counter to determine how many dungeons you have raided for a tiny increase in one stat. It also has an exponential distribution of good items, making them much, much rarer. It contains hundreds of hours of gameplay, carefully gaining that 0.05 seconds of cooldown less. For the full experience, try playing competitively with your friends, to determine who can get the best stats.


All in javascript, CSS, and HTML. I used JQuery and JQuery-UI, especially the Draggable object. I enjoyed working with these technologies and I anticipate writing more code using them.