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I recently wrote a program which lets you edit Rep-Rap flavored GCode (3D printer programs) with a nice UI. You can read some more information about it here, or grab a copy from the bitbucket repo. I did 1 Game A Month (1GAM), and currently have four games from it available. I'll probably write more. As part of 1GAM, I wrote a FPS which runs entirely in your browser, with no plugins: Here. It's pretty cool. You should check it out.

Latest Blog Post:

GCode Editor

I needed to edit GCode 3D printer commands, so I wrote a full program for it. You can find source, documentation, and a download on BitBucket. Pull requests welcome! Why I needed this program, what it does, and how you can improve it all below the fold!

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Some Projects:

profile for Groomblecom at Game Development Stack Exchange, Q&A for professional and independent game developers My 1GAM page